Terms of Service

General Provisions

As the owner of the internet domain olin.pl (hereinafter referred to as the "Service"), Olin Sp. z o.o., registered in Poland, with its registered office at ul. Towarowa 17L, 10-416 Olsztyn, entered in the National Court Register maintained by the District Court in Olsztyn, VIII Economic Department of the National Court Register under the KRS number 00007 12888, with a share capital of 1.870.000 Polish zlotys, fully paid, REGON number 36921149, and NIP (Tax Identification Number) 7393908673 (hereinafter referred to as "Olin"), hereby establishes the following rules.

The Service, which is an information and IT platform accessible via the Internet, has been designed and is maintained by Olin. It is available to users (hereinafter referred to as "Users") to provide access to informational resources and IT mechanisms prepared by Olin.

The Service provides content related to Olin's activities and is made available free of charge to all interested parties.

The use of the Service is equivalent to accepting the conditions specified in this regulation (hereinafter referred to as the "Regulation"). Each User, through their actions within the Service, confirms that they have familiarized themselves with the content of the Regulation and undertakes to comply with it.

The Regulation is a document available to Users on the Service in a format that allows for downloading, saving, and printing. The provision of the Regulation is free of charge and aims to ensure full transparency of the rules for using the Service.

This information serves to ensure that Users are fully aware of the rights and obligations arising from the use of the Service and the way it is administered by Olin.

As part of its activities, Olin offers electronic services (hereinafter referred to as "Services") through the Service, which include, among others:

The "Newsletter" service is offered to Users free of charge and for an indefinite period. Users can unsubscribe at any time.

It should be noted that individual services offered by Olin through the Service may be governed by separate regulations, the acceptance of which is necessary to use a particular type of service. Users are obliged to familiarize themselves with and adhere to these regulations for the proper use of the Services.

Conclusion and Termination of Agreement. Right of Withdrawal from the Agreement

The User enters into a contractual relationship with Olin regarding the provision of electronic services (hereinafter the "Agreement") at the moment of commencing the use of specific services offered by Olin.

The conclusion of the Agreement takes place:

The agreement is concluded for an indefinite period. Each party may terminate it with immediate effect unless otherwise specified in the provisions of the Regulation, which is an integral part of the Agreement.

The service recipient has the right to unsubscribe from the "Newsletter" at any time, which is equivalent to terminating the Agreement regarding this service. Resignation can be communicated to Olin in any form, including by sending an email to aleksandra.milaszewicz@olin.pl with the note "OLIN personal data" or by postal mail to the address of Olin's registered office indicated in the Regulation.

Termination of the Agreement for the provision of electronic services occurs:

Additionally, the Agreement may be terminated by the Service Provider for reasons such as:

The User, without the need to observe a notice period, has the right to immediately terminate the Agreement for the provision of electronic services.

A User who is a consumer has the right to withdraw from the Agreement within 14 days from its conclusion by sending a written statement of withdrawal to the address of Olin indicated in the Regulation. This right does not apply if the Service Provider commenced the provision of the Service before the expiration of the aforementioned period, with the User's consent.

Rights and Duties of the User

The User is obligated to use the Service by the applicable laws and to respect intellectual property rights. This requires the User, in particular, to:

It is not permissible to use the Service in a manner contrary to generally accepted social norms and good practices, including the provision of unlawful content. Users assume full responsibility for any damages resulting from their actions that are inconsistent with the above obligations.

Olin's Liability

The information presented on the Service comes from publicly available sources considered reliable and, based on Olin's current knowledge, can be presumed to be accurate. Olin makes diligent efforts to ensure that the content presented on the Service is comprehensive, up-to-date, and reflects the actual state of affairs. Nevertheless, Olin cannot guarantee the absolute accuracy of this data and therefore disclaims liability for the consequences of using this information, including any damages resulting from decisions made based on it, especially in the context of investment decisions.

Materials published on the Service are for informational purposes only and should not be construed as offers within the meaning of the Civil Code. The use of the Service is solely at the User's risk and responsibility. Olin is not liable, including civil, criminal, or administrative liability, for the User's use of the Service in violation of the applicable Regulations.

Olin does not guarantee that access to the Service will be uninterrupted, error-free, free from defects, or other disruptions. The company also does not guarantee that the content contained on the Service will be accurate, up-to-date, or useful for Users, unless expressly stated.

Olin disclaims responsibility for damages, both direct and indirect, that Users may incur due to interruptions in access to the Service caused, among other things, by force majeure, technical errors, internet service provider failures, hardware or software failures of Users, and non-compliance with the Regulations by Users.

Olin reserves the right to unilaterally introduce changes, modifications, and updates to the content of the Service without the need to inform Users in advance about planned changes and their scope.

Within the Service, Olin may offer access to services managed by third parties. Olin is not responsible for the content and quality of services provided by these entities.

Intellectual Property Rights

In the Service, Olin provides materials protected by copyright, including documents, trademarks, and various works, such as texts, photographs, graphics, as well as audio and video recordings. The selection and arrangement of the presented content itself are subject to copyright protection.

By making copyrighted works available on the Service, Olin emphasizes the need for Users to respect intellectual property rights. Users may use the content available on the Service solely for personal, non-commercial purposes. The use of materials published on the Service for commercial purposes is possible only with the written consent of a representative of Olin.

Any use of copyrighted works, including copying, distribution, public sharing, or other forms of exploitation, is allowed only with the consent of those holding the appropriate rights. All rights are reserved, and the rights to use, copy, and distribute data available on the Service are governed by the provisions of the Act of February 4, 1994, on copyright and related rights.

Olin holds the required rights and permissions to use the data presented on the Service. All visualizations, animations, and building models available on the website olin.pl are for illustrative purposes only. The final appearance of the building and site development may change during implementation. All rights to use, copy, and distribute materials available on the website are reserved and regulated by the aforementioned Copyright and Related Rights Act. The use of data or materials from the Service for any purpose other than personal use requires written consent from OLIN Sp. z o.o. In case materials are needed, please contact via email: aleksandra.milaszewicz@olin.pl.

Privacy and Personal Data Protection

Olin respects the right to privacy and the protection of users' data on the Service. Browsing the content provided on the Service does not require users to provide identification data.

Information about user interactions with the Service is processed solely to improve the functioning of the Service and is not associated with users' identification data. "Cookies" files are used to collect data, following the Service's Cookies Policy. Olin ensures the protection of all data provided by users. The personal data administrator, OLIN SP. Z O.O., headquartered at Towarowa 17L, 10-416 Olsztyn, Poland, processes users' data by applicable legal regulations and the Service's Regulations. The data is stored for the duration of the electronic services provision agreement and after its termination, to protect against potential claims.

Users have the right to access their data, correct it, delete it, restrict processing, transfer it, and the right to complain with the supervisory authority. Providing data is voluntary but necessary to use some of the Service's features. Consent to data processing and receiving commercial information can be withdrawn at any time. In case of suspicion of unlawful or non-compliant use of the Service, Olin may process the user's data to determine liability. The user may request correction, suspension of processing, transfer, or deletion of their data.

Data may be disclosed to entities supporting the provision of services, including employees, IT system suppliers, and other service providers. Detailed information about data processing, including contact details for the data protection officer, can be found in the Service's Regulations and the Privacy Policy available on the Service's website. Any inquiries regarding data processing should be directed to aleksandra.milaszewicz@olin.pl or directly to Olin's headquarters.

Procedure for Handling Complaints

Users have the right to submit complaints regarding the Service. Complaints should be sent to Olin electronically at aleksandra.milaszewicz@olin.pl or by mail to the address: OLIN SP. Z O.O., Towarowa 17L, 10-416 Olsztyn, Poland. The complaint notification must include the user's first and last name, as well as their correspondence address or email.

Complaints will be reviewed by Olin within 14 days from the date of their receipt. Information about the outcome of the complaint will be communicated to the user in the same form chosen for submitting the complaint.

Final Provisions

This Regulation is effective from the date of its publication on the Service. In matters not regulated by this document, the relevant provisions of Polish law apply. Olin reserves the right to make changes to the Regulation at any time. Changes come into effect upon their publication on the Service's website. Continuing to use the Service after changes to the Regulation implies the user's acceptance of the new provisions. In case of disputes arising from the use of the Service, the competent authority for their resolution will be the general court, by applicable legal regulations.